14 March 2018


Super Set Back Squat (See Note Below)

Rest as needed then,

“On The Bar”
Three Rounds for Time:
Deadlift, 21 Repetitions
Hang Power Clean, 15 Repetitions
Shoulder to Overhead, 9 Repetitions

Note: The Super Set Back Squat is your 20 Repetition Back Squat with as much weight as possible. Returning to the rack, or having a spot, constitutes the termination of the set. A great goal is bodyweight for men, and 3/4 bodyweight for women. We will be utilizing this test of strength on a regular basis, today is the starting point. For “On The Bar” mens Rx’ weight is 135lb.  and women’s Rx’ is 95lb. There is a 10:00 time cap on this workout.

IMG 2484

Jayce following 18.1


Wednesday Special Programs

Krav Maga (6:15PM – 7:00PM at Krav Maga)


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