15 June 2018

FRIDAY 180615

4 rounds for time of:
Front Squat, 5 Repetitions (at HQ – 165lb. / 95lb.)
Run 100 Meters (To Krav Maga)
15 Toes to Bar
40 Double Unders
Run 100 Meters (to HQ)

Rest as needed then,

Farmers Carry 200 Meters. (See note below)

Note: Todays session is an “Old School” original CrossFit HQ workout programmed by Coach Glassman. The combination of the heavy Front Squat and Toes to Bar provides a potent midsection stimulus. On the Farmers Carry, Forward progress CAN ONLY BE MADE WHILE HOLDING THE BREATH. If you need to take a breath, stop moving, recover as needed, then inhale, hold, and continue forward. Do your best to keep the Kettlebell in hand the entire time, even during rest breaks. Discipline yourself to only move while holding the breath. This is an amazing drill.

IMG 3646

Strong Minds and Strong Bodies!


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