16 August 2018

SUNDAY 180916

CAMP Ranking System Explanation: CrossFit Pleasure Point is pleased to offer Athletes at HQ, in addition to our Remote Training Community, an opportunity to receive formal ranking in CAMP. Similar to the traditional progressive ranking program in Martial Arts, CAMP is a structured 5 Level merit based promotional system designed to challenge, test, and recognize Athletes who truly pursue Elite Fitness and Warrior Disciplines across a full spectrum of diverse training methodologies.

CAMP Athletes are recognized for their accomplishments with a formal Certificate relative to their rank, and an official martial arts style belt. White through Brown Belt require at least six months time in grade. Black Belt testing is by invitation only, and requires several additional evolutions in addition to physical fitness. The ranking requirements are outlined in Greg Amundson’s book Firebreather Fitness and are also available on our website under the CAMP menu.

The first test at our HQ location is scheduled for October 13, 2018, from 12PM to 2PM, and includes both the test, and awards ceremony. Athletes who have been part of our HQ location for three months or longer are eligible to test for their first belt.

CrossFit Pleasure Point Remote Athletes are also eligible to test and can find additional information HERE.

Some of the unique aspects of CAMP include:

  • Weekly CAMP Workouts encourage wearing your official CAMP Belt
  • Progressive merit based system designed to appoint promotion (rank)
  • Focused means of setting and achieving fitness and life goals
  • The “warrior tradition” of linear promotion within a fixed course of instruction
  • Peer recognition of accomplishment
  • Increased sense of personal ability, capacity, willpower, and persistence
  • Increased level of community involvement, purpose, cohesiveness, and teamwork


CAMP Blue Belt Test

  • Saturday, October 13, 2018 – 12PM to 2PM at HQ
  • Award ceremony and promotion to follow test
  • Celebratory BBQ
  • Testing fee of $25.00 includes certificate and belt
  • Krav Maga athletes are eligible and encouraged to test
  • Minimum of 3 months of training at CrossFit Pleasure Point required to test
  • Must sign up at HQ by October 5 to test!
  • CrossFit Pleasure Point Remote Athlete Testing Fee $199.00 [REGISTER HERE]



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