17 April 2015

FRIDAY 150417

From “The CAMP” (CrossFit Pleasure Point Maximum Performance)

Complete 1:00 At Each Station. Rest exactly 1:00 Between Stations.

Assault Bike (Maximum Calories)
Hurdle Jump (Maximum Repetitions)
Slam Ball ( 20lb. / 12lb. Maximum Repetitions)
Buso Ball Squat (Maximum Repetitions)
GI Jane’s (Maximum Repetitions)

Rest 3:00 and Repeat Two Times (Three Full Rounds!)

Note: Today’s HQ workout is a combination of the training modality from our CAMP and LIGHT program. The “One to One” work to rest ratio encourages maximum intensity at each station. Athletes will complete three full rounds (15:00 total minutes of work). Athletes can choose their “start station” but must honor the prescribed order of rotation.

Team 7

Greg – Bea – Mike – Paul and Jr. “Team 7AM”


Coaches Corner” – Lead by Example


The “Coaches Corner” is a new feature to the CrossFit Pleasure Point website. Written and compiled by Greg Amundson, this weekly offering provides our Athletes with education and inspiration on the path to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.


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