17 April 2018

TUESDAY 180417

Skill Development: USAW Squat Clean and Push Jerk Progressions.

Complete Five Sets – Start with Barbell and add weight ONLY AFTER COMPLETING A “PERFECT” PROGRESSION: (See note below.)

Squat Clean from Power Position, 3 Repetitions (Add 1 Shoulder Press at final rep)
Squat Clean from Above Knee (2 Second Pause) 2 Repetitions (Add 1 Push Press at final rep)
Squat Clean from Floor, 1 Repetitions (Add 1 Push-Jerk)

Rest as needed then,

One Minute “On” followed by One Minute “Off” for 14:00 (7 Rounds)

1 Squat Clean
2 Shoulder to Overhead

Note: Todays workout is all about developing technique, then applying that technique in some heavy lifting! For the progression – a coach or training partner must “validate” the correct technique on all lifts before adding weight to the bar. The goal is to perform the progression PERFECTLY. For the EMOM, go as heavy as possible. We will recored the most weight lifted in the progression most weight lifted in the EMOM. Compare todays weight to March 20, 2018.


Jhonee continues to inspire us!


Please note Bag Class and Yoga is cancelled tonight while Coach is in San Diego teaching a Law Enforcement Seminar.


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