18 October 2018


CAMP Training Session!

Complete Four Rounds:
On a 4:00 Running Clock,

Minute One: GI Jane’s
Minute Two: Wallball Shots
Minute Three: Kettlebell Swing (53lb. / 35lb.)
Minute Four: 200 Meter Sprint

Note: Athletes who have completed the CAMP Belt Test are encouraged to wear their belts on all CAMP training sessions! Complete maximum repetitions at each station, and a running total of repetitions through the workout. Athletes can pick their start station but must honor the order of rotation. Complete a total of 4 rounds, resting up to 2:00 between rounds. The run is scored in the following manner:

  • 30 seconds – 40 seconds = 30 points
  • 40 – 50 seconds = 20 points
  • 50 – 1:00 = 10 points
  • 1:00 or over = 0 points


Coach during Krav Maga Black Belt Preparatory Training


Thursday Special Programs

Bag Class (5:15PM – 6PM)


Some people feel content to navigate life without any particular need for a spiritual solution to their problems. They have no inclination to seek God in order to have a basis for meaning in life, to have a strong moral framework, to aspire for greatness, or to find fulfillment and happiness.
That is not my story.
I have discovered that when I earnestly seek God “with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul, and with all my strength” (Deuteronomy 6:5), then all the puzzle-pieces of my life seem to fit perfectly together.
Seeking God provides me with meaning and purpose, solidifies my moral framework, allows for victory I could never achieve on my own, and provides my heart with fulfillment and true happiness.
What will the legacy of your story be?
~ Coach
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