20 June 2018


For time:
Dumbbell or Kettlebell Thruster, 30 Repetitions (See Note Below)
10 Burpees
800 Meter Run (Floral)
Thruster, 20 Repetitions
20 Burpees
400 Meter Run
Thruster, 10 Repetitions
30 Burpees
200 Meter Run

Note: Today we have another CrossFit HQ circa 2006 “Original Workout”. Use the same weight for all repetitions, and set a goal to keep all repetitions to single sets. Therefore, select a weight you can confidently keep in hand the entire time, yet that is also challenging.


Coach and his high school savior, Fred Clay


Twenty five years ago, as an eighth grade student in Stockton, CA., I was beat up and bullied by a high-schooler named Devon, a “Goliath” nearly twice my size and “meaner than the junkyard dog.” Needless to say, starting my freshman year in high school the following year was an emotional battle, and many days I was crippled by fear as Devon continued to single me out for harassment and bullying.

My saving grace was a senior football player named Fred, who took me under his wing and welcomed me into a group of friends who built up my much needed self-esteem, and gave me a renewed sense of personal safety. The year went by in a blur, and Fred graduated and left Stockton before I was able to thank him for the kindness he had shown me. However, I always remembered Fred, and prayed that someday and somehow, God would provide a way for me to express my gratitude to him.

Can you imagine the joy I felt, when by a “divine appointment” that only God could provide, I crossed paths with Fred in the middle of a busy parking lot on a random Thursday night in Santa Cruz? I gave Fred a big hug, and thanked him for the huge positive impact he had on my life. What’s most amazing about this story is that Fred said, “Man, I had no idea you were dealing with a bully, and that I was able to help in the manner that I did.”

As we navigate our journey through life, it’s important to understand that everyone is dealing with their own battles and challenges. It’s easy to focus on our differences, and it requires warrior-discipline to remember that we are all made in the image of our Creator.

The lesson learned is that everyone needs love, kindness, support, friendship, and encouragement. Thank you Fred – you are a champion in my life! ~ Greg Amundson


Wednesday Special Programs

Krav Maga (6:15PM – 7:15PM at Krav Maga – Handgun Series)


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