23 December 2016

FRIDAY 161223

Weighted Box Step-up 5-5-5 repetitions (each leg – go heavy!)

Rope Climb – 3 to 5 climbs using most challenging technique available

Rest as needed then,

Five “Sprint Rounds” Against a 1:00 Running Clock of,

Kettlebell Swing, 15 Repetitions
As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) of Barbell Thruster

Note: Be sure to watch the tutorial video on the Weighted Box Step-up technique. Much like the benefits of the Weighted Lunge (Coach Mike Burgener’s favorite skill for developing lower body strength!) the Weighted Box Step has the potential to develop extraordinary lower body strength and conditioning. For the AMRAP, rest up to three minutes between rounds. Prescribed barbell weight is up to 95lb. for men and 65lb. for women. Kettlebell weight is up to 53lb. for men and 35lb. for women. Compare today’s effort to August 27, 2014 and December 17, 2014.


Krav Maga Long Gun Series A – Graduates!


Christmas Holiday Hours

Friday, December 23 – Last Class of Day 12PM – 1PM. Open Gym 1PM – 4PM. Gym closes at 4PM.

Saturday, December 24 – Monday, December 26, Gym Closed. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, Return to Regular Schedule


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