23 September 2019

MONDAY 190923

Welcome to Fight Week!

This week we are leading up Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero and Justin “The Stallion” Cardona’s fights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Our gym will be hosting a “Fight Night” on Saturday at Mountain Mikes Pizza from 4:00PM to approximately 6;00PM for free pizza and coverage of the fight. All workouts this week are from the official “Team Guerrero” camp, and they are good ones!

“Seventh Round Knockout”

On a 21:00 clock (7 Rounds)

Minute One: Assault Bike

  • Purple Belts = 15 / 10 Calories
  • Blue = 12 / 7

Minute Two: “Cindy”

  • Purple Belts = Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Minute Three: Kettlebell Swings

  • Purple Belts = 53lb. / 35lb. (AMRAP)
  • Blue Belts = 35lb. / 25lb. (AMRAP)

Note: On todays session, the Assault Bike and “Cindy” are “grind stations.” The Kettlebell station is the only AMRAP station in the workout that has a specific score associated with it. Your score at the end of the workout is the total number of Kettlebell swings achieved. However, if you are no able to maintain the requirements of the “grind stations” then your score on the Kettlebell in that particular round will not count. Refer to the “boxing scorecard” below to determine your goals:

  • 100 + Rx’ Repetitions = 7th Round Knockout!
  • 75 + Rx’ Repetitions = 7th Round TKO
  • 50 + Rx’ Repetitions = 7th Round Unanimous Decision Victory

IMG 8205


Please note that Coach will be in Los Angeles with “Team Guerrero” for “Fight Week” all week. There will be no Bag or Yoga on Tuesday. We will resume regular Bag and Krav Maga the following week.




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