24 July 2019


“CAMP Kelly”

On a 3:00 Running Clock,

Minute One: Wallball Shots, Maximum Repetitions (20lb. / 16lb.)
Minute Two: Box Jumps, Maximum Repetitions (20′ men and women)
Minute Three: Bus Stop Run (See point system below) 

  • 30 – 40 Seconds = 30 Points
  • 41-50 Seconds = 20 Points
  • 51 – 60 Seconds = 1 = 10 Points 

Rest 1:00 and repeat for 4 total rounds. 

Note: Today’s session is the CAMP version of the famous CrossFit girl “Kelly” and it’s a good one (Just ask Team Guerrero!) How many athletes can average 60 points a round? Athletes can pick their start station but must honor the order of rotation. 

IMG 7462 e1563909446186

Jenny achieves her first Rope Climb!


Save The Date – CAMP Test for Blue – Brown Belt is Saturday, August 31. All current Blue Belts are eligible to test for Purple Belt and new athletes who have been at our gym for three or more months are eligible to test for Blue Belt. 


Wednesday Special Programs 

Krav Maga Weapon Defense (5:30PM – 6:15PM)


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