24 May 2019

FRIDAY 190524

Bench Press 7, 5, 3,1  Repetitions (3 Second Tempo Training)

Rest as needed then,

“Good Golly – Miss Molly”

As Many Rounds As Possible in 8:00 of,

Double Under, 30 Repetitions (or 50 Weighted Jumps)
Burpee, 8 Repetitions

Note: On the Bench Press, we will be utilizing “Tempo Training” methodology. From the start position off the rack, descend to the bottom position on a 3 second count. Hold the bottom position for 1 second (keeping tension – the barbell does NOT “rest” on the chest), and then as rapidly as possible, explode to the top position. At the top position, take one full breath, and repeat for the required number of repetitions. Compare to August 15, 2018 (remember that last week’s Tempo Training did NOT have a pause!) The “Good Golly” session is a burner – how many athletes can Rx’ the session and achieve 8 or more rounds? Compare to May 18, August 23, 2018, and January 31, 2019. We will record the final 1RM Tempo bench. 

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Christina – Are you OK?


Good luck to our athletes completing “Murph” today! If you signed up for the Friday 12PM launch, the gym will open at approximately 11:30AM for a warm-up. Athletes participating in the 24 Hour Murph should check with Coach, Adrian, Margaret or Britain for Keyholder access. 


Friday Special Programs 

CrossFit Strength Class (8AM – 9AM) 


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