24 September 2019

TUESDAY 190924

“Fight Week ~ Day Two”

“The Ghost”

On a 3:00 Clock,

Minute One: Concept2 Row (Maximum Calories)
Minute Two: Burpees (Maximum Repetitions)
Minute Three: Double Unders (Maximum Repetitions)

Rest up to 1:00 between rounds and complete 3 rounds

Rest as needed then,

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) for 10 Minutes,

Add One Hang Power Clean (See note on weight below)

On “The Ghost” your score each round is the total number of repetitions (ie., calories) achieved. Athletes can pick their start station, but must honor the order of rotation. Every 2 x single jumps count as one double under. On the EMOM, athletes can pick their weight but must maintain the same weight the entire workout. Your score is your weight multiplied by the tenth round. A great goal is 135 + for men and 85 + for women.

IMG 8213

A Winning Team!


Tuesday Special Programs 

CrossFit Masters Class (10:30AM – 11:30AM)



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