26 MARCH 2020


Join us at 4:00PM today inside our “Zoom Classroom Gym” for a group workout! We will all have a chance to “see each other” and check in on everyones wellbeing.

On an 8:00 running clock,

Tabata Squat (8 rounds of 20 seconds “on” and 10 seconds “off”)
Rest exactly 10 seconds then,
Handstand Push-ups, As Many Repetitions As Possible in 4:00

Note: Your “score” is the minimum number of squats you performed in any round of Squats multiple by the total number of Handstand Push-ups. Modifications for the Handstand Push-up will be discussed around the “Zoom Whiteboard.” A great goal is 20 squats and 20 Handstand Push-ups (or 20 squats and 100 Push-ups).

2016 Murph

Murph, 2016. One way or the other, we will do Murph this year!


Thursday Special Zoom Workout

  • Group CrossFit Workout at 4PM  (Same Zoom meeting location all week!)
    • https://zoom.us/j/783558011
      Meeting ID: 783 558 011


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