27 August 2018

MONDAY 180827

Skill Development: USAW Power Clean and Push Jerk Progressions.

Complete Five Sets – Start with Barbell and add weight ONLY AFTER COMPLETING A “PERFECT” PROGRESSION: (See note below.)

Power Clean from Power Position, 3 Repetitions (Add 1 Shoulder Press at final rep)
Power Clean from Above Knee (2 Second Pause) 2 Repetitions (Add 1 Push Press at final rep)
Power Clean from Floor, 1 Repetitions (Add 1 Push-Jerk)

Rest as needed then,

On a 10:00 Running Clock,

Run 100 Meters (to Krav Maga)
50 Pull-ups,
30 Burpees
Run 100 Meters (to HQ)
As Many Repetitions As Possible of Clean and Jerk (Athlete Choice on Weight)

Note: Todays workout is a classic piece of old school Coach Glassman programming. Athletes can pick their weight for the Clean and Jerk (recommended weight is in the range of 95lb. to 135lb. for men, and 65lb. to 95lb. for women). Your score is the total number of Clean and Jerk repetitions multiplied by the amount of weight lifted.



Week At a Glance

Tuesday: Bag Class (No Yoga Tonight)

Wednesday: Krav Maga

Thursday: Combined Bag Class & Yoga

Friday: Strength and Olympic Lifting


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