27 June 2018


Threshold Mashup Training Day!

Complete 1:00 of Maximum Effort At The Following Stations:

Box Jump (As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Rest 1:00
Wallball Shots (20lb. / 14lb. – As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Rest 1:00
Toes to Bar (As Many Repetitions As Possible)

Determine 40% of your maximum threshold then,

On a 12:00 Minute Clock (4 Rounds Each Station)

Minute One: Box Jump (40% Threshold)
Minute Two: Wallball Shots (40% Threshold)
Minute Three: Toes to Bar (40% Threshold)

Note: Threshold Mash-up training was invented right here at CrossFit Pleasure Point – and it’s an amazing stimulus! Advanced Athletes can “scale up” to 50% threshold if they choose.

CFA Party

3-2-1 Birthday!


Join us on July 14, 2018, from 12PM to 2PM for the 6 year “birthday” of our gym, and Coach’s 40th birthday celebration! We will have Britain on the grill, music, and an epic workout. All levels welcome! Please note the 10AM workout will be cancelled to set up for the event.


Wednesday Special Programs 

Krav Maga (6:15PM  7:15PM – Handgun Series and Long-gun Front)


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