27 March 2015

FRIDAY 150327

Skill Of The Day (SOD)

Gymnastic Parallel Bar Pass Through

After instruction on the proper points of performance, Athletes will complete a Tabata Evolution (8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) on the Pass Through. Every repetition counts.

Rest as needed then,

“Honor Code”

On a 10:00 Running Clock:
Ground to Overhead, 30 Repetitions
30 Hand Clap Overhead Burpees
As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) of Ground to Overhead

Note: The workout “Honor Code” was created in honor of Alex and Michael on their hiring with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, and Graham’s successful completion of Basic Combat Training and Special Forces Qualification Course in the US Air Force. The workout pays tribute to all those who walk the Warriors path and abide by the “Honor Code” of Duty, Honor, Country. Prescribed weight is 135lb. and women’s weight is 95lb. Your score at the end of the workout is the total number of Ground to Overhead lifts completed during the AMRAP. This workout was last completed in our gym on October 9, 2014.

7AM Crew

Scott – Bea – Elden and JR “Team 7AM Warriors!”


Coaches Corner” – Cause and Effect


The “Coaches Corner” is a new feature to the CrossFit Pleasure Point website. Written and compiled by Greg Amundson, this weekly offering provides our Athletes with education and inspiration on the path to physical, mental and spiritual fitness.


Good luck and safe travels to Greg Amundson who will be teaching the CrossFit Law Enforcement Seminar today at Oregon City Police Department. [video]


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