29 January 2018

MONDAY 180129

Station Rotation Warm-up at Krav Maga then,

As Many Rounds As Possible in 8:00 of,
Double Under, 30 Repetitions
Dumbbell Snatch, 10 Repetitions (Alternating – 5 Each Hand)

Rest as needed then,

Tabata L-Sit or Tuck on P-Bars (20 Seconds “On” x 10 Seconds “Off” x 8 Rounds)

Note: The Dumbbell Snatch weight is up to 50lb. for men and up to 35lb. for women. We anticipate seeing skills such as the Double Under and Dumbbell Snatch in the Open, so lets practice them now! Also – we recommend all of our Athletes make the investment in a personal Speed Rope. This is one pear of gear that benefits the athlete when adjusted to their specific size. Athletes are welcome to leave their ropes at HQ or Krav Maga in between use!


Team Ring Muscle-up Club!


The FREE Muscle-Up Clinic is this Friday from 5PM to approximately 6PM at HQ. We encourage everyone to participate – all levels are welcome!


The 2018 CrossFit Open is coming soon! From February 22 through March 26, 2018, our gym will be hosting the CrossFit Open Workouts on Friday (regular gym program will be CrossFit Open WOD) and Saturday for registered athletes. This is a super fun, challenging, and team-building 5 weeks of competition, even if the only person you are competing against is yourself! We are encouraging our athletes to register and log their workouts on the CrossFit Open website. In addition, we will need five athletes to complete the CrossFit Judges course to help formally judge our registered and competing athletes. Any question on the Open, please check with Adrian Moreno, Kim Hansen or Coach. Visit the CrossFit Open Website to learn more and register! 


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