29 July 2018

SUNDAY 180729

We are pleased to announce that to accommodate more of our Athlete’s schedules, Faith Works Ministry will now meet on the first Wednesday of each month from 5:15PM to 6PM at HQ. The 4PM workout on the “First Wednesday” will be the traditional CrossFit workout, with upbeat worship music, and an increased emphasis placed upon the mental and spiritual adaptation to physical training. After the workout, there will be free coffee and tea at Coffeetopia, followed by worship music led by Jonathan Stowers at 5:15PM, and a message with Coach at 5:30PM. Faith Works Ministry is a continuation of many of the “Whiteboard Lectures” that take place at our gym. The message is “Inner Faith” and all spiritual backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Guests are welcome, and the workout is not required for people interested in just the message component. We look forward to seeing you there!

FaithWorksMinistry Flyer v3 copy

Faith Works Ministry – First Wednesday of Each Month


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