29 March 2019

FRIDAY 190329

“The Original Mash-up”

Threshold Mash-up Training:

As Many Repetitions As Possible in 1:00 of Double Unders
Rest 1:00
As Many Repetitions As Possible in 1:00 of Dumbbell Thruster  (35lb. / 25lb.)
Rest 1:00
As Many Repetitions As Possible in 1:00 of Pull-up (Kipping)

Rest 2:00 and determine 50% of your Threshold then,

12:00 Running Clock (4 Rounds Each Station)
Minute One: Double Under (50% Threshold)
Minute Two: Double Under (50% Threshold)
Minute Three: Pull-up (50% Threshold)

Note: As the majority of our Athletes know, the Threshold Mashup training is extremely challenging, especially when the Threshold exceeds 40%. Push yourself today, and hold those percentage numbers! This is a great session to improve your capacity on the famous “CrossFit Girl” workout “Fran”. (Hint – we might be seeing this workout soon for the official Leaderboard in the Team Room.) Compare today’s score to July 31, 2018. 

IMG 6473



Our very own Adrian is on his way to Japan on a Twin Lakes Church mission trip. Please keep Adrian in your thoughts and prayers for safe travels and a successful worship leadership mission. 


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