4 JANUARY 2022

TUESDAY 220104

Fight Gone Bad

4 rounds

Each station is 1:00 minute.  There will be 5 stations.  Between each round will be 1:00 minute of rest to log reps.

This workout first appeared on CrossFit.com on 1 December 2004.  It was so named after MMA fighter BJ Penn completed the workout and when asked how it compared to a real fight, he remarked it was like a “fight gone bad.”

The stations will be:

Row – Calories

DB push press – 35/25

Box Jumps / Step-ups – 20″

Sumo Deadlift High-Pull – KB 53/35

Wallballs – 20/14

Log your total reps for each round.  See if you can maintain your score through all 4 rounds.

Google Doc to log your jumps for the month below


6am 1


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