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Coach Kim Hansen

Kim Hansen


Kim Hansen has been coaching CrossFit since 2019. Her journey in fitness didn’t really start until her twin girls were about 4 1/2 years old (2012). Kim realized she needed to make a physical change. Being a mom, you are a role model in many ways to your kids. Kim realized that she needed to be a role model for her girls, showing them healthy habits and living an active lifestyle. These aspects in life are taught. Kim believes everyone starts their journey for different reasons. Kim loves being a part of meeting her athletes where they are at the being of their journey and helping them achieve their own goals. Kim loves working with teens! Organized sports are not for everyone, but Kim believes CrossFit is. The ability to work in small groups and help nurture an active lifestyle is an invaluable habit to be developed and nurtured.

Coach Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen


Peter Hansen has worked in local law enforcement since 2001. Early in his career he met Greg Amundson, while they were both attending separate academies. Later Greg invited Peter to the original CrossFit located on Research Park Drive, Santa Cruz. Peter went to the original CrossFit with Greg and has fond memories of the gym and their days training there together. Life, and the birth of his twin daughters, stopped Peter’s training for a couple years as an adjustment to his and his wife’s lifestyle changed. When Greg moved back to Santa Cruz and opened his own CrossFit gym in Pleasure Point, Peter came and started to train again with Greg. Since 2014 Peter has continued his CrossFit Training both for the physical aspect, but also the personal growth and mental health aspect. Peter holds the traditional CrossFit philosophy that CrossFit should be available to anyone who walks through the doors of any CrossFit around the world, regardless of their age or fitness level. CrossFit will meet you where you are. The stimulus can be varied to accommodate everyone. The functional fitness that CrossFit has provided Peter continues to motivate his continued growth and development in the sport. In November 2021, Peter and Kim became the owners of CrossFit Amundson, now CrossFit Pleasure Point.

Coach James



James found CrossFit in 2017 as he was looking to take control of his health and set a positive example for his family. From his first CrossFit WOD he was hooked, and knew that it was not only what he needed in his life, but also something that others need in theirs. His coaching journey began shortly afterward as a way to help others overcome their obstacles, improve their lives, and age gracefully. He attained his level 1 credential in 2019, and became a level 2 CrossFit coach in 2022. James is driven by a passion to help people live a pain free life, and improve not only their physical abilities, but their mental well being too. Whether it’s a chronic illness, acute or chronic injury, wanting to improve for sport, or training to reach a goal, James and the fellow coaches at CrossFit Pleasure Point are here to help you be the best that you can be. “Every time I arrive at CrossFit Pleasure Point I know it is going to be the best hour of my day. I hope to be able to share that with you as well, and to see you soon.”

Coach Conor



Conor commenced his CrossFit journey in 2008 at one of the original gyms in Santa Cruz, CrossFit Central. Following a challenging workout with Wall Balls and Power Cleans, he was inspired to pursue a higher level of fitness. His coaching venture began in 2010, and he has been dedicated to training clients ever since. While his vision for fitness and success was initially intertwined with competition, his goals and approach have evolved over time. Conor serves as a Public Safety Officer in Sunnyvale, fulfilling roles as both a firefighter and a police officer. In his first ten years of CrossFit, Conor was a formidable competitor, making it to multiple regional competitions. However, he now views CrossFit as a vehicle to promote health and longevity in his life. Conor’s mission is to inspire others to live pain-free, enjoy their lives, and become the strongest versions of themselves. Coaching remains one of Conor’s passions, and he is committed to aiding others on their fitness journeys. Embodying the motto, “When in doubt, keep calm and WOD on,” Conor’s spirit is a motivating force within the community. You can find Conor during the evening classes at CrossFit Central, lifting heavy weights and enthusiastically supporting his class members to Team Page.

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