07 OCTOBER 2022

FRIDAY 221007

On a 18 Minute Clock, Athletes will have 3 Minutes to complete each evolution.  The time remaining in the 3 Minutes will be their rest time till the start of the next evolution.  Each of the 6 Evolutions should be treated like a sprint round.  Times will be kept for the completion of each evolution separately.

Evolution A – 0-3 Min

100 DU / 200 Singles

Evolution B – 3-6 Min

50 Air Squats

Evolution C – 6-9 Min

40 Situps

Evolution D – 9-12 Min

30 Wallballs (#20/16)

Evolution E – 12-15 Min

20 Burpees

Evolution F – 15-18 Min

10 Devils Press (#35/20)

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Sunrise is only one of the many reasons to hit up the 6AM classes during the week.

This Sunday, October 9th, 2022, join us for a special WOD with Coaches James, Melissa, and Adrian in a fundraiser WOD.  Money donated will help them pay for their Level 2 Coaches Certificate.


Friday’s Schedule

8AM Strength / Olympic Lifting

4PM Workout of the Day

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