07 July 2013

SUNDAY 130707

Today we are taking a rest day! Enjoy our beautiful Santa Cruz county, make a nice meal at home, and spend time with the ones you love.


Krav Maga Santa Cruz


Our thoughts and words have the power to influence our life. Many times, our greatest successes are the direct result of our personal belief and self-affirmation that we are capable of achieving our dreams and goals. On the other hand, many times our greatest defeats are the result of self-defeating thoughts, words and beliefs. Like any skill, we must practice the use of positive affirmations and mantras in order to use them to their full potential. To compliment and enhance the use of our internal strengths, we can use a physical body structure and stance to direct the sub-conscious mind to commit to memory our goals, dreams and desires. When we combine a positive mental attitude with breath, stance and specific physical actions, we can achieve anything we desire, both inside and outside the gym. Watch the videos below for further information and inspiration.


Change your thoughts and change your world [video]

Your body language dictates who you are [video]


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