FRIDAY 200918

CrossFit Games Workout 20:1

Ten Rounds for Time:
Ground to Overhead, 8 repetitions (95lb. / 65lb.)
Burpee, 10 repetitions

Note; This is one incredible workout! Scale the rep’s and weight as needed. There will be at 15:00 time cap on this session.



Have you ever faced a problem in life and felt completely unprepared, inadequate, and daunted by the prospect of succeeding?

If so, you are in good company. To a lesser or greater degree, everyone wrestles with these feelings. That being the case, how do we develop confidence and self-assuredness? Or perhaps the better question is this: How do we go through life feeling undaunted?
As the Apostle Paul explained, the key is to put our faith not in ourselves, but in God. While we may feel daunted by the problems and challenges we face, the Bible teaches that God is the all-powerful resource and energizer for the life to which He calls His children (reference Philippians 4:13).
I hope you can join me and my friends at Twin Lakes Church for an awesome 8 week series on the topic of “Undaunted” led by Pastor Rene. I’ll be helping facilitate a small group, and I would love for you to participate. We will be meeting on Thursday evenings at 6PM PST on Zoom.
Register at TLC.org/smallgroups/ or email me at Greg@GregoryAmundson.com
Shalom and I hope to see you soon!
~ Coach
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