22 JUNE 2021

TUESDAY 210622

“Filthy 15”

On a 15:00 clock (5 rounds each station)

Station One = Wallball Shots, 15 repetitions (20lb. / 10lb.)
Station Two = Toes to Bar, 15 repetitions
Station Three = Assault Bike, 15 calories (10 women)

Rest as needed then,

Every Minute On The Minute for 7:00,

1 Deadlift,
1 Hand Power Clean
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Note: On the station rotation, you must finish each station within 50 seconds. If this is not possible, choose a lower calorie or repetition to maintain. Rx’d weight for the EMOM is 155lb. for men and 95lb. for women.

IMG 3853

Hard work!


Tuesday Schedule

  • CrossFit at 6AM, 10:30AM and 4PM
  • Teenager Class at 3PM
  • Bag Class at 5:15PM


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