22 JANUARY 2024

MONDAY 240122

Pullup Progression

Day 16 – 8-7-6-5-4


Evolution A

15 Minutes to work up to Threshold Power Clean

The concept of Threshold training is to add weight until the virtuosity of the movement breaks.

We will then go down to where the athletes form was maintained and train at that weight for the Evolution B


Evolution B

15 Minute

Every 30 Seconds

Complete 1 Power Clean at the athletes Threshold Weight

Record all the sets for Evolution A and then maintain notes on Evolution B maintaining form for each lift.

IMG 8866

Brigid hitting PR’s during her 6AM sessions.

Consistency paying dividends!

Monday’s Schedule

6AM – Workout of the day

8AM – Workout of the day

430PM – Workout of the day

615PM – Workout of the day

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