05 July 2017


“Mini Tabata” at Krav Maga:

Four Rounds of Twenty Seconds “On” and Ten Seconds Off At Following Stations:
Pull-up (Max Reps)
Parallel Bar Push-up (Max Reps)
GHD Sit-up (Max Reps / Toes to Bar or Floor Sit-ups)
Squat (Max Reps)
Concept2 Row (Max Calories)

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds. After “Mini Tabata” rest as needed then at HQ,


For time:
Power Snatch, 75 Repetitions (75lb. / 55lb.)

Note: Today’s session “mashes up” the traditional Tabata interval with an old-school CrossFit Hero Workout. We will review the principles of the Power Snatch in each class. How many people can Rx’ “Randy” in under 5:00?


Coach Hylie – We Love you Sister!


Wednesday Special Programs

CrossFit Light (5:00 PM – 6:00 PM at HQ)

Our Light Workout will be HQ programming with modifications as needed.

Krav Maga Starts July 24! (Sign Up Now Available at HQ!)


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