15 January 2020


Threshold Mashup Training Day!

Complete 1:00 of Maximum Effort At The Following Stations:

Box Jump (20′ men and women – As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Rest 1:00
Kettlebell Swing (53lb. / 25lb. – As Many Repetitions As Possible)
Rest 1:00
Pull-up (As Many Repetitions As Possible)

Determine 50% of your maximum threshold then,

On a 12:00 Minute Clock (4 Rounds Each Station)

Minute One: Box Jump (50% Threshold)
Minute Two: Kettlebell Swing (50% Threshold)
Minute Three: Pull-up (50% Threshold)

Rest as needed then,

3,3,3,3,3 sets of barbell upright row (knee to sternum; 70% of 1RM power clean load)

Note: Threshold Mash-up training was invented right here at CrossFit Pleasure Point – and it’s an amazing stimulus! Advanced Athletes can “scale up” to 60% threshold if they choose. On the barbell upright row, this is an “supplemental exercise” to develop upper body strength and pulling power. You should be working within 70% of your 1RM power clean weight. Instruction on this exercise will be provided in class.

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You Can Do It!


Good luck to Coach who is participating in a nationwide photoshoot today in Monterey for the apparel company Chubbies! Coach is working closely with the Chubbies brand to setup a unique CrossFit Pleasure Point discount code and training short for our gym. There will be no Krav Maga tonight.


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